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ASSOCIATED VISION GROUP is pleased to announce the following sister companies are founding members of the group in 2004:

EVISION Solutions Strategic website design
Vision Design Affordable website design
BTS Technologies Ultimate IT solutions provider Database/ Web development
Media One Marketing and Sales Consulting

Q.   Why did EVISION Solutions and other sister companies create ASSOCIATED VISION GROUP?
A.   Group member companies are now able to pull our professional Information Technologies resources together in serving our clients better and in a more cost-effective manner in website design, graphic and multi-media design, Search Engine Optimization, online and offline database developments, sales and marketing promotions and consulting.

Q.   What does this mean to clients of EVISION Solutions and other sister companies?
A.   Our clients can now enjoy a variety of Information Technology services in addition to website design provided by IT Professionals who possess specific knowledge and experience in various areas. As a result of joint technical resources, we will be able to offer more competitive prices to our clients while improving our service standards and qualities at the same time.

Q.   Who is my contact point? Should I call the other companies for specific services?
A.   Our clients will continue to contact us directly. There is no need to contact individual companies separately. EVISION Solutions provides complete Website Design and Information Technology Solutions to our clients using joint technical support from ASSOCIATED VISION GROUP.

Custom Website Design
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization
Database Integration
E-Commerce Solutions
Website Hosting
Domain Name Registration

Our Website Portfolio

EVISION Solutions provides website design services for locations in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, GTA, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

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